Play Sight Word Concentration to Build Reading Skills

October 5, 2012 | Reading Games | By The Reading Lady | 0 Comments

A fun game to play to build reading skills is Concentration.  To make a deck of cards, write two of each grade level appropriate sight words on an index card (search for “Fry sight words” if you need a list.)

Turn the cards face down in an array. Ask the child to turn over one card and read the word on the first card. The child then selects another card, turns it over and reads the word. If the two words match, the child removes the two matching cards from the array. If the cards do not match, the child turns both cards back over and selects a new card from the array. If a few minutes of play, the child will begin to remember where the words are located and matches will increase. This is a fun game to build good sight word skills and also reinforce short term memory.

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