Discount on Family Literacy E-Book to Build Great Readers

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Need more information on how to help your children excel in reading? Karen Tankersley’s book How to Help your Child Become a Great Reader will provide you with easy literacy games and activities that will […]

Play Sight Word Concentration to Build Reading Skills

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A fun game to play to build reading skills is Concentration.  To make a deck of cards, write two of each grade level appropriate sight words on an index card (search for “Fry sight words” […]

Parent’s Guide to Reading: Helping Your Child Become a Successful Reader

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In a Parent’s Guide to Reading, Karen Tankersley provides a multiplicity of practical, research-based strategies specifically tailored to use in the home. Becoming a strong reader has never been more important for children than it […]

Helping Struggling Readers or Readers with Dyslexia Learn to Read

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Children who struggle in learning to read may have a condition called dyslexia where the brain uses some incorrect portions of the brain to try to read. As a result, reading is difficult for these […]

Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

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Books make great holiday gifts for children and adolescents. One of the best ways to make sure that your children are becoming strong readers is to find books that appeal to them so that they […]

Listening to Stories Builds Children’s Vocabularies

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All children love to be read but in our busy lives sometimes it is just plain hard to find the time to read to our children as much as we might want.  A great way […]

Summer Reading Tips

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While children might be initially elated with reaching the end of the school year, if your children are like most kids, boredom quickly sets in and they are looking for something to do for part […]

Can You Teach A Child to Read Too Early?

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While every parent wants their child to learn to read well, many parents do not understand the underlying skills that make children develop into strong and effective readers. The two greatest gifts that parents can […]

Asking the Right Questions at Parent-Teacher Conferences

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Many parents are now visiting their child’s teacher for parent-teacher conferences at this mid-point in the school year. This is an important time to learn how your child is progressing in his or her literacy […]

Preschool literacy Skills

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For the past 10 years now, preschool children have enjoyed the PBS series Between the Lions on television.  A new study, published by the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School for Communication, has discovered that this […]